Victor V. Cachia, DPM

Founder and Clinical Director

"The practice of medicine and surgery is constantly evolving. We are very fortunate to have a strong foundation for education and experience, a mechanism to achieve continued ability for providing state-of-the-art-care through competence and excellence. As a team with far-reaching resources, we vow to provide unwavering dedication to our patients and the community.”

For over thirty years, Dr. Victor Cachia has made it his professional goal and accomplishment to create a center of excellence in the community for patients and their families for disorders of the foot and ankle. Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates has been providing high-quality podiatric care for people of all ages and from all walks of life - people who have experienced a wide variety of disorders of the ankles and feet. In that time, the Aloha Group has earned a reputation for excellence from patients and doctors alike. Dr. Cachia has carefully assembled a group of doctors and staff to provide the highest level of care possible. As advisor and consultant, he will continue to nurture the practice and assure that the mission and philosophies of the group remain true.

Founder & Director of
Aloha Foot and Ankle Associates, Inc.

"We are fortunate to have earned a reputation for excellence among doctors and the family members and patients they’ve referred to us. Yet, the formula for appropriate care of foot and ankle problems is no great secret. We simply work to determine your needs, establish the best options, then find the most sensible, efficient and effective way to fix your condition. In the simplest terms, we strive to do the right thing to get you back on your feet."

Victor V. Cachia, DPM

Victor V. Cachia, DPM

Foot and Ankle Physician and Surgeon

Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon, Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Education and Training:

The foundation for excellent care and great results.
"I believe my ability to deliver high-quality care and positive outcomes is a direct result of a strong education and excellent training. As a medical student and a resident, I was exposed to a broad range of conditions and effective treatments, and I had the opportunity to learn from well-qualified instructors and surgeons. It’s from this strong foundation that I learned the importance of listening to every patient carefully, treating them with care and respect and doing for them what I would do for my own family."

Diplomate: American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery.
Fellow: American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.
DPM: California College of Podiatric Medicine, San Francisco, California and County-USC Medical Center, Los Angeles, California.
BS: Medical Science, California College of Podiatric Medicine, San Francisco, California.
BA: Chemistry, California State University, Long Beach, California.
Residency: United Western Medical Centers, Anaheim and Santa Ana, California.

International Experience:

The catalyst for personal and professional growth..
"I've had the privilege and opportunity to treat many patients with foot and ankle problems in other countries, such as Guatemala and Mexico. These experiences have provided valuable lessons for me as an individual and as a foot and ankle specialist. Because of the comparatively limited medical resources in these countries, I’ve learned to use creativity and innovation to solve many complex and difficult problems. This experience has enabled me to increase my overall skill as a podiatric surgeon and emerge with the confidence necessary to provide consistently positive results for all my patients."

State-of-the-Art for all Foot and Ankle Disorders

  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Adult and pediatric flatfoot
  • Trauma, sports injuries, fractures, sprains and dislocations
  • Post-traumatic deformities
  • Reconstructive surgery for arthritis
  • Revision of failed operations
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Performance enhancement
  • Arthroscopic surgery
  • Joint replacements and revision
  • Advanced internal fixation for rapid recovery
  • Orthotics, shoe inserts, braces and custom sandals
  • Second opinions
  • Perinatal foot conditions
  • Diabetic limb preservation
  • Scar minimizing techniques used
  • Q-Clear laser treatment for fungal nails
  • Platelet Rich Plasma and Prolotherapy
  • MLS Therapeutic Laser
  • Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

Experience and Interaction:

The keys to increased knowledge and skill.
"As surgeons, my colleagues and I mature through experience and interaction. By studying outcomes and sharing results, we continue to improve in our ability to relieve pain, improve function and enhance the quality of life of our patients."

This is the Aloha way!

Member: American Podiatric Medical Association, California Podiatric Medical Association, Orange County Podiatric Medical Association (past president).

Teaching Positions: Podiatric Surgery Residency Program, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, 1988-92; Podiatric Surgery Residency Program, Western Medical Center, 1987-2000; Aestheticare Podiatric Surgery Residency Program, 1995-2009; Saddleback Valley Podiatric Surgery Residency Program, 1996-present.

Author: Numerous articles in Journal of Foot Surgery, Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association; chapters in Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery.

Inventor: Innovative Fixation devices for orthopedic trauma, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery.

Awards: Meritorious Service Award, American Podiatric Medical Association, 1993; Humanitarian Award, California Podiatric Medical Association, 1999; Journal of Foot Surgery, First Place for Excellence in Medical Writing and Contributions to Podiatric Surgery, Journal of Foot Surgery, Second Place for Excellence in Medical Writing and Contributions to Podiatric Surgery.

Co-Founder/Medical Director: Interventional Spine, Inc., formerly Triage Medical, Inc. (manufacturer of technologically advanced devices for orthopedic trauma and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery and spine surgery)

Founder/Director: Partners Bank of California.

Founder: Surfing Heritage Foundation.

Volunteer/Director: Liga International, The Flying Doctors of Mercy.