Good shoes = Happy feet

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Many of you do not realize that the shoes that you think are fashionable or consider comfortable are not the best shoes for your feet! With this in mind, let us talk about the footwear you should be using. A proper running shoe or tennis shoe should have a solid rubber sole, for traction, with extra stability in the center to support the middle, or arch, of your foot. If the activity requires a lot of quick turns and twists, as in basketball, then a higher heel portion will provide some ankle stability. Even when dressing for business or a formal function, it is essential to look for shoes that are both comfortable and provide traction.

So now you may ask what shoes on the market are best for your feet? New Balance Cross trainers or Asics are leading companies with comfortable and supportive shoe gear. Here at Aloha Foot and Ankle, we have a list of shoes that we recommend are great for running. When a podiatric physician examines your shoegear, he/she will look for a rigid heel counter, rigid and stable sole and that it fits properly. Often times, many patients are not wearing the correct size shoe. Measuring your foot accurately with a Brannock device is suggested before you buy any shoe.

We as consumers are always being enticed with the latest and greatest and need to be armed with the correct information. There is a plethora of products out on the market to help you get in shape or ‘shed the pounds,’ but very few can compete with a good pair of shoes and a regular walk or run!

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